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Here is how to make a duct tape rose pen.

Materials: – duct tape, a normal bic pen (those that don’t click and with caps), scissors (optional)

Step 1

In this step you need to cut out about twenty; 2 inch x 2 inch duct tape squares. This depends on the size of your duct tape so if your duct tapes width is about 1.5 inches, then make the squares about 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch, etc.

Step 2

Now you take each square one by one and form them into an “L” shape on where there is the sticky part of the tape. To do this take one corner and fold it into the opposite corner leaving about 1 centimeter in between, now if you rotate what you have you should have an “L” shape of the sticky side and the rest is the outside of the duct tape.

Then take your “L” and fold one of the sides into the other side, so there is a rectangle of the sticky part of the tape on the bottom and a triangle of the outside of the duct tape on the top. The last

pictureis when all of the triangle shaped things are all done.

Step 3

Now take your triangles and wrap them on the bottom of the pen, (the side without the ink coming out) with the pointy side of the triangles sticking outwards a little over the pen’s end. The

picturesshow from the finished petals to back to the first step, then second, and then third, and then the rest you can do by yourself. You wrap them by using the little strip of tape and sticking that on the pen with the pointy parts sticking out.

P.S. After about twenty petals the rose actually starts appearing and looking good and not only this but, if you want to make your duct tape rose pen the best it could be, then it would be best to make the petals out of red duct tape and the stem which is in the nextstepout of green duct tape.

Step 4

In this step you will make the stem. To do this, cut out three more; 2 inch x 2 inch squares or different sizes, etc. and set those aside. Now using two of those squares wrap the pen tubing in duct tape (preferably green duct tape) from where the pen cap sticks the farthest it can go in to about 3 millimeters away from the rose’s base. The 3 millimeters will allow some room for the next step in applyingthe duct tape to the rose’s base to secure it.

Step 5

To make the rose secure, use your last square and cut it into four more squares, by cutting it in half, and then cutting both halves in half again. Now take the pen with the rose on it, and hold it upright so the rose is on the top and the cap is on the bottom. Then take one of your four squares and position it so it looks like a diamond. Now place the “diamond” between the rose’s base and the “stem,” covering the 3 millimeters. Do this to all of the four squares and press it tightly so it secures the rose onto the pen and so it covers all of the uncovered area. In the pictures, the main picture is how to secure it, and the second picture is just the four little squares.

Sincerely, Duct Tape 4 You

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